NASCAR and Sonoma Raceway give 90 fruit trees to Sonoma School Gardens

February 13, 2014

A combined effort by NASCAR, Sonoma Raceway, UPS and the Arbor Day Foundation brought 90 fruit trees that are being planted in the school gardens of all 11 of Sonoma’s public schools.

After reading in past years that trees were being given to schools and municipalities around the San Francisco Bay Area, I wrote to Steve Page, president of Sonoma Raceway, and basically said “How about us.” Sonoma Raceway is in Sonoma, as are out public schools.

Page and staff responded quickly and positively.

NASCAR donates trees through the Arbor Day Foundation to every community where they hold a race to offset their carbon footprint.

When the Arbor Day Foundation asked what trees we would like, we surprised them by saying “all fruit trees for snacks and lunch food for our students.”

Lydia Constantinii of Sonoma Mission Gardens met with our School Garden Coordinators and advised us on what fruits will ripen, or come to “fruition” during the school year, and that’s what we requested. Apples, pears, pomegranates and a few figs. Most stone fruit ripens during summer in Sonoma Valley when school isn’t in session.

We dedicated the district-wide gift and planting at Adele Harrison Middle School last week.

Thanks forever to Steve Page of Sonoma Raceway, NASCAR, UPS and the Arbor Day Foundation for this long term gift to the children of Sonoma Valley.
Kathleen Hill,
Founder and Director, Sonoma School Garden Project.

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