Drink as Much Sugar as You Want

June 26, 2014

The New York State Court of Appeals ruled on June 26, 2014 that former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s ban on big soda sales was out of bounds.

The Court of Appeals upheld two lower courts’ decisions that the ban was specifically beyond reach of the New York City Board of Health’s powers. Bloomberg’s goal was to ban sugary soft drinks larger than 16 ounces.

Much of the passion for and against the sweet ban was stirred up by Michelle Obama’s efforts to get everyone eating healthier and conservatives’ efforts to not have government regulate freedoms of any kind.  We do remember Sarah Palin thumping a package of cookies on a school podium demanding rights to eat whatever one wants and for kids to have their rights to cookies instead of fruit.

The silliness of the whole ban effort is that anyone who wanted more sugar water could simply buy several smaller cups of it and consume as much as they craved.

Did the basic message to consume less sugar or high fructose corn syrup get through?

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